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Windward lake Club Tennis Academy is a dynamic and multilevel program for beginner, intermediate, advanced and elite players. Our goal is to develop life skills, as well as tennis skills, by balancing the demands of everyday life and high performance tennis training. Call 770-442-5783 for more information on the Player Development Program and to schedule an assessment.

2018-2019 Junior Tennis Program

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Player Development Program


Red Ball classes provide players with basic skill sets including agility, balance, coordination, racket control, and class etiquette in preparation for the orange ball classes.

Orange Ball classes provide players with more difficult skill sets including control over direction, variety of shots, and tennis-specific movements in preparation for the green ball classes.

Green Ball classes provide players with a complete skill set including control over depth, direction, pace, spin, and variety of shots in preparation for yellow ball competitions.

Yellow Ball classes provide players with tactical awareness, advanced movement, and their individual game style.

Part Time & Full Time Academy classes will incorporate professional patterns of play, advanced movement patterns, and focused practices to illuminate individual playing styles.Tournament coaching, travel and nutrition recommendations also provided.




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